Self Defense & CCW Training

Shooting and Competition Games

For all Ages & Skill Levels



        The MILO range simulator sets the international standard for interactive use of force, tactical judgment training, and firearms training systems. 


        MILO offers a unique perspective on training with over 800 real world scenarios for individuals to grow in their confidence, to deal with whatever situation they find themselves or their loved ones in. 


        MILO also offers over 65 skill builders that work to maximize the fundamentals of marksmanship and weapon handling and offers individuals and families a chance to come to a safe environment without the danger of being on a live range with loaded weapons.

The MILO instructors have skill sets developed in the military or as law enforcement officers, and are dedicated individuals at your disposal to help you and your family become proficient and confident in your chosen skills. 


Sessions as short as 15 minutes ranging up to 4 hours or more of intensive skills training are available.  Training is tailored to your specific needs and skill level.  Training is also offered for concealed carry weapon permits, and long range precision rifle.



For more information, visit the shop or call 417-320-6400.


All Training Sessions are Instructor Led


Expert Feedback & Debriefings

2 Skill Builder Sessions + 1 Live Scenario

(approx. 15-20 Min.) - $15 per person


4 Skill Builders + 3 Live Scenarios

(approx. 1 Hour)- $45 per person


Advanced Training


8 Skill Builders + 5 Complex Scenarios

(approx. 2 Hours)- $65 per person


8 Skill Builders+ 10 Complex Scenarios

(approx. 4 Hours)- $125 per person


Ask About Our Family Rates


State Certified

Includes classroom & range time.


8 HOUR Class

$75 per person / $140 per couple

Shooting Games to Test your Skills, Compete with Your Friends

15 Minutes for $10

$5 for each additional Shooter

Up to 4 Shooters per session

For more information, visit the shop or call 417-320-6400.

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